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Mr. Fame – Regina #24 Centro Historico, Mexiko-Stadt – Mit bewertet, basierend auf Bewertungen „Llevo más de dos semanas pidiendoles una. mr fame. on YouTube,Instagram,Twitter and atc-steelpower.nlor of fames music,​song writer with so much lyrics and a rapper with vibes Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von MR Fame (@fameyasi) an. Entdecken Sie Mr. Fame von The Sureshot Symphony Solution bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Entdecken Sie Mr Fame von Lifeline bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei

Mr Fame

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In all seasons except the third, the show filmed several exterior scenes on location in New York City. The popularity of the series, particularly in the UK, led to several hit records and live concert tours by the cast.

Several of the cast members were seen again briefly in Bring Back Fame , a reunion special made for UK television in Despite glowing reviews from critics, ratings were less than impressive, and NBC cancelled it after only two seasons.

However, by special arrangement with LBS Communications , MGM revived the series for first-run syndication in the fall of , where it continued for four more seasons, with the last first-run episode airing in the US on May 18, Ira Steven Behr wrote 12 episodes of the series.

He recalled: "I did three years on Fame , which was a lot of fun and was also in syndication. We had no one looking over our shoulder.

We got to do some wonderfully bizarre things on the show, and the only time they gave us any trouble was the last show I was going to write after I knew we were cancelled.

It was going to be Road Warrior meets Fame. It was a show that takes place in the future, and you could only sing for the state.

It was a fascist society, and we were going to have motorcycles going through the school and have Iggy Pop as the guest star.

It was great, and I was in the midst of writing the episode when somehow MGM read somewhere that we planned to burn down the sets, which was a lie.

We were going to trash them a bit, but it wasn't the last episode. We had one more after that, and they stopped me from writing it. Following its cancellation, two versions of the series were syndicated in reruns: the original hour-long episodes, which usually contained a primary plot, a subplot, and two or more musical numbers; and a second version, stripped of the musical numbers and the subplot and reduced to 30 minutes in length.

The show's theme song was a pop hit for singer Irene Cara , having been featured in the motion picture. A re-recorded version of the theme, using similar instrumentation to the track, was used in the TV series and sung by co-star Erica Gimpel , who played Coco Hernandez.

Although Gimpel left the series midway through the third season after the show moved from NBC to first-run syndication in , her opening vocals were still heard on the show for two more seasons.

An updated version of the song, featuring a modern, synthesized hard-rock flavor, was introduced in the fall of and performed by new cast member Loretta Chandler Dusty.

This version ran for the final two seasons of Fame. It was performed by Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen , and co-written by Gary Portnoy , who went on to co-write and sing the theme from Cheers.

Four cast members from the original movie appeared in the television series. Lee Curreri portrayed the character Bruno Martelli, an introverted musical genius.

Gene Anthony Ray portrayed Leroy Johnson, a tough hood from the projects with a natural talent for dance, who muscles his way into an audition and wins.

In the film, Leroy is also semiliterate, but this was dropped in favor of him having "fourth-grade reading level" in the television series [4].

Albert Hague played teacher Benjamin Shorofsky, a German music teacher who constantly battled with Bruno Martelli over musical styles.

The final cast member from the film was Debbie Allen, who portrayed dance instructor Lydia Grant. Allen only appeared briefly in the movie, but her character was expanded in the series.

She also became the show's original choreographer, in addition to directing several episodes and co-producing one season.

Also, several characters were carried over from the movie, played by different actors. Irene Cara was offered the role of Coco Hernandez by the show's producers, but she politely declined, as she wished to focus on developing her budding singing career.

The part was played by Erica Gimpel. Actor P. The Montgomery character was changed for TV and was no longer gay. English teacher Elizabeth Sherwood was played in the film by actress Anne Meara , but in the series was played by actress Carol Mayo Jenkins.

The character of Ralph Garci Tommy Aguilar inheriting the role played in the film by Barry Miller appeared in the first episode of the TV version, but was metamorphosed into the character of Danny Amatullo, whose last name is after the associate producer Tony Amatullo and played by Carlo Imperato.

The character Doris Schwartz, played by Valerie Landsburg, was in the series, while the character Doris Finsecker appeared in the film version and was portrayed by Maureen Teefy.

At lunch, Carmen, a self-assured, cocky Latina spitfire, asks Mr. Myers if she can skip class on Friday to audition for West Side Story.

He tells her that it would just be another role for her to hide behind. The other students join in her fantasy and begin an exciting, electrifying dance.

Serena and Nick are rehearsing another scene and Serena confesses that she wants to try something romantic and passionate.

Serena is in love with Nick, but Nick is mainly focused on acting. Serena laments her unrequited love "Let's Play a Love Scene".

Afterwards, Carmen interrupts Schlomo while he practices his violin, giving him lyrics that she wrote for the melody he always plays.

Schlomo tries them out, and changes some of the lyrics with Carmen "Bring on Tomorrow" , which results in Carmen joining the band.

Carmen kisses Schlomo and leaves. Goody also in the band, along with Lambchops makes fun of Schlomo afterwards. In the hallway, Miss Sherman talks to Tyrone about his care-free attitude towards education.

She threatens to keep him out of the Fall Festival if his grades don't improve. Miss Bell overhears and argues that Tyrone's artistic endeavors are more important than his academic performance "The Teachers' Argument".

Tyrone storms off, threatening to drop out of school, and Miss Sherman reminds the gathered crowd of students of their academic commitments "Hard Work Reprise ".

At a dance rehearsal, Mabel, an overweight dancer, complains about retaining water, and other problems she faces with the size of her body.

She confesses that, although she tries many weight-loss schemes and diets, she always goes back to the "Seafood Diet: I see food, and then I eat it!

Later, Nick congratulates Serena for getting the lead female role of Juliet in their junior show, Romeo and Juliet.

Serena gets excited and assumes that Nick got the role of Romeo. However, she is surprised to learn that Joe Vegas has the role of Romeo and Nick got the part of Mercutio.

Lambchops suggests that Nick is gay, and when Serena confronts him about it, Nick angrily replies that he is straight. Serena is so angry she decides to channel it into her acting "Think of Meryl Streep ".

Carmen tells Schlomo of her plan to leave school and go to Los Angeles. She has met a Hollywood agent named Elliot Greene, who is sending her a plane ticket.

Schlomo begs her not to go. He had seen her getting into Elliot's limousine and accuses her of using cocaine with him.

In English class, Tyrone is reading a Superman comic book. Miss Sherman catches him, and forces him to stand up in front of the class and read from the comic book.

He accuses her of trying to make him look stupid. He then accuses her of racism. Miss Sherman slaps him in the face and, shocked by what she has done, runs off.

Miss Sherman returns and apologises for her outburst. She reveals that she believes Tyrone may have dyslexia and offers him extra help, to which Tyrone refuses and storms off.

The students rehearse Romeo and Juliet. Joe, insecure playing Romeo, has been ad-libbing. Joe starts to make fun of what he is saying, although is scared he'll mess up.

Serena pleads with him to be serious in the part. Nick offers to show him how to play Romeo and winds up kissing Serena in their first romantic moment.

Tyrone asks Iris why she has been avoiding him all year. She says she doesn't want to be tied to a loser. To show her that he is serious, he tells her he is repeating his senior year and reads a passage of Leaves of Grass to her.

They dance a pas de deux and walk off together, hand in hand. Carmen is standing in front of the school looking physically wasted and disoriented.

She spots Schlomo and tells him the truth about her experiences in Hollywood "In L. Carmen promises him that she will quit the drugs and get her GED.

He gives her a couple of dollars and sadly departs, reminding Carmen that he will always love her.

At the farewell party, everyone is dressed up and the celebration is loud and festive. Nick confesses his feelings to Serena and they decided to try to date although they are heading to different colleges "Let's Play a Love Scene Reprise ".

Schlomo reveals through monologue that Carmen has died of a drug overdose, and dedicates the classes' final senior song to her memory "Bring On Tomorrow Reprise ".

After the bows, Carmen comes back dancing on the roof of a taxi cab and sings "Fame" for the Finale. Source: MTI [5]. This version has a more Spanish theme to the song.

The orchestra calls for a rock combo of 12 musicians and a chorus of five backup singers three male and two female. Either keyboard part can by played by the conductor.

The woodwind player doubles on flute, clarinet, soprano, alto and tenor saxophone. One guitar player plays lead while the other plays rhythm.

In January , a large-scale production of the musical made its European debut in Stockholm, Sweden , running for four years.

The show came to the attention of choreographer-director Runar Borge, who has subsequently staged the show in numerous productions worldwide.

Since , the musical has had seven separate West End runs, including a long run at the Aldwych Theatre from to , the Cambridge, the Prince of Wales, the Shaftesbury Theatre, Victoria Palace, and a number of UK national and international tours.

A new version of the musical opened in Pavia directed by Bruno Fornasari on June 23, , and toured Italy until March The Estonian production opened in Tallinn in November to a good critical acclaim.

A Portuguese production was created in with Portuguese dialogue and the original English musics. It was a three-night only engagement and was met with positive reviews by the press and fans alike.

It reopened on February 2, in Savona and toured through the end of the month. The show gave the finalists dance, vocal and acting training, and the three finalists for each character performed a piece from the musical in front of a panel of judges who made the final decision.

Jim Bakkum understudied Schlomo.

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